Wont be removed?

I installed Equlaify, but just recently Uninstalled it, but now every time I open up Spotify, the LogIn with username and password keeps popping up. Even after I uninstalled it. Why does it keep popping up when I have it removed from my pc?

Here is a picture of what i see every time i get on my spotify, it’s driving me nuts. At this point i just want it off my computer. I do not wish to purchase the product.


If you run the uninstaller it should be removed, unless the files were in use for some reason, then it should ask you to reboot your machine for the uninstall to complete.

You can go to %appdata%/spotify and delete the dsound.dll file to remove it manually.

ONLY delete the file in that one folder.

Also, if you did not plan to purchase, i don’t understand why you installed it.

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