With Equalify installed, Spotify only able to use default soundcard?

My Win 10 PC has a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (mk2) as default soundcard. Spotify with Equalify works fine playing via this soundcard and connected speakers but when I connect my Apple AirPods to the PC via bluetooth - Spotify’s audio is failing to switch over to the Airpods. This switch DOES happen without Equalify installed. And restarting Spotify once Airpods are connected doesn’t resolve. It’s as if Equalify isn’t able to utilise anything other than the soundcard that is set as default (Obvs when using BT it’s nothing to do with the Scarlett).

(PS. audio from other sources - eg. Youtube does make the switch from soundcard to Airpods)

Is there any way of fixing this or a workaround? (ie. a workaround that doesn’t involve disconnecting the Scarlett?)


Sounds to me like you have set the preferred output device in Equalify (settings->device).

When you set the device to use there it will not switch when the default audio device changes, unless you set it to “primary sound driver”.

It could also be that the bluetooth audio does not pass through the system in the right way for Equalify to pick it up.
It works with most BT devices, but not all. I have never tested with apple air pods myself so i cant give a definitive answer there.

Some info about BT devices here: Incompatible hardware and software

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