Windows Store version of Spotify problem

Hi I’ve been using Equalify for a while now, it’s great. However it recently stopped working for me. I realised that either Spotify or Windows had reverted my version of Spotify to the Windows store version and I know Equalify doesn’t support this.

I uninstalled the Windows store version and reinstalled the downloaded version from the Spotify website then reinstalled Equalify. Unfortunetly it reverted back to the store version AGAIN.

Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit
Soundcard: Onboard
Spotify version: (Windows Store version)
Equalify Pro version: 1.3.2

I only bought Equalify a few months ago and I paid for the extended updates so I’m really unhappy it’s stopped working so soon.

Can you either start supporting the Windows store version of spotify or advise how I can stop Spotify reverting to the Windows store version.



Hey there!

This is a bug from Spotify, From what i’ve been told the desktop version of Spotify should never auto upgrade to the store version without asking the user first, and when the store version is uninstalled you should be able to install the regular desktop version without issues(and keep the desktop version).

I still have not managed to replicate the issue on any of my test machines or VMs, so i can not tell you what is going on or how to solve it. I’d need access to a machine that behaves that way to figure out a solution and the cause.

About a version that supports the Store version, this is something that is actively being looked at. It requires a whole separate version of the EQ with lots of changes to successfully work with the store version. But it will come as soon as we have something reliable.

The current state of Store support is that settings refuse to save/load consistently and updates do not work. We’ve gotten everything else to work though.

Once a solution that works is available it will be posted in the beta category on this forum for a few weeks to be tested before its made available through a separate installer on the website.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but keeping up with all the strange things Spotify does is not always easy. They throw some curve-balls from time to time :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply, it’s good to know it’s being worked on. I look forward to getting Equalify back weather that be through Spotify fixing the installer or the Store version of Equalify being released :slight_smile:

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