Windows store version not working with equalify and can't find non store installer for spotify

**Problem description:** I can't get equalify to work with the windows 10 version, and I can't find an installer for anything but the windows store version. Even the downloader from Spotify's website is the windows store version. Any suggestions for how to either get the non-windows version or get equalify to work with the store version?

Operating system:
windows 10

Using Corsair wireless headset

Spotify version (Windows Store version)

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
CUE for Corsair headset

Check this link:

Remember to uninstall the store version before installing the desktop version or it wont work :slight_smile:

So did that and it still installed the store version of spotify. So now I’m trying to figure out if I need to delete something from my registry.

Can confirm. The link that was shared still installs the store version only. As of this date we are still unable to use equalify with Spotify. Do we have any DEVS that can provide an update as to when they can integrate the changes needed so that Equalify will work with the Spotify Windows version?

That is the link to the desktop version of spotify from the spotify website.

( Is the full offline installer)

To install it you first have to uninstall the store version(maybe reboot) and install the desktop version.
If it automatically “updates” to the store version after installation, make sure you have all windows updates installed. The auto “update” to the store version seems to have been resolved in one of the latest windows updates.

If you can not make it stop auto-upgrading there is a workaround, but its kinda annoying:

If you do not have a machine where Spotify does not auto update, you can ask a friend to send his folder. Just ask them not to include the Users / User Data folders.

No matter what I do or what install file I use I get the Windows Store version of Spotify. I’ve even disabled system updates.

I’ve followed the directions above.

  1. Downloaded Spotify Desktop version.
  2. Uninstalled Spotify
  3. Restarted
  4. Installed Spotify Desktop.
    – somehow it upgrades to Windows Version.

Suggestions? I really miss Equalify.

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