WIndows Store version doesn't work


Just bought this. Can’t use it because it doesn’t work with the Windows Store version of Spotify.
Read other topics here, and tried to uninstall and reinstall Spotify multiple times, to no avail.
It keeps installing the store version, even if I don’t install it from within the store app.

Come on.
There has to either be a way to install a desktop version of Spotify to have this work, OR have it work in the store version.
HELP. I need this because I’m a streamer and I need to be able to configure what output Spotify is using.

Update on this, tried a few things.

Uninstalled, rebooted the PC, installed full version. Nope, still store version.
Downloaded a full version from a different website. Nope.
Went to a site with OLDER versions of Spotify. Nope, when I install it automatically updates to the new one. Nope.

Unfortunately there is not a lot i can do about how windows force installs certain store apps.

Please see this post :

I have a version in development that works with the store version, but its not release quality yet due to instabilities. The best would be to find a way to make sure it doesn’t “update” to the store version in the first place and for that i need access to a machine that has the issue so i can see whats going on.

same problem here. I got the standalone version to work a few weeks ago, but today Spotify migrated again.
The strange thing about that:
On my Desktop it works perfectly, it didn’t even try to install the store version, but on my laptop i have those problems.
So my theory:
Could it be a problem with Windows-OEM-Licences or the standard recovery partitions, because the first thing i did with this laptop was to reset windows and get a fresh installation (via Windows update, not with a fresh image)

There is a solution, but it can be a little tedious.

  • Go to %appdata% in your file explorer on the machine everything works fine on.
  • zip or rar up the whole spotify folder.
  • copy it to the machine that keeps updating to the windows store version
  • uninstall the store version
  • and unpack your archive in the same place (%appdata/spotify)
  • then run spotify from that folder

Voila, everything should now be fixed. Even after you re-install or update spotify it will now stay at the regular version.

Now you can make shortcuts to the spotify exe where you need them, desktop or taskbar.

Unfortunately this is the only way i’ve found that permanently fixes the issue…

That is just what i did to get it running on my laptop, but apparently that doesn’t work forever. The only difference was i took the old spotify installation from my windows.old after updating, not from another machine.
But i will to use the installation from my desktop later, maybe it will run longer than a few weeks.
Thanks for your fast response!

If you re-installed windows, it will auto download the store version once within the first few days.

You should be able to just uninstall that and re-install the desktop version if you had that installed before the migration. If not the method i provided above should work just fine.

It was tested extensively on a customers machine that had the same issue. We did rollbacks and updates and re-installs - the method worked fine every time. And once the desktop version is installed and used, it wouldn’t “update” to the store version again.

So yea, please try again… it should work :slight_smile:

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