Windows 10 / Surface Pro 2 Window Size Issues

Hey I get a weird window size of the EQ on my surface. Things overlap each other and I am unable to change the window size by dragging the lower right corner of the window. Also, the Equalify logo on the top right of Spotify is pushed up against the Spotify logo.

It may be a resolution thing cause by the Surface. I will try to get a screenshot.


Hey, The scale issues are a known issue when you have set windows to scale up the display by 150% or above if i remember right.

The re-sizing issue might be that you haven’t enabled the re-size option in the settings? As far as i know that should still work even with the scaling issues.

All the graphical glitches you see is caused by the windows scaling settings.

I forgot to say that the scaling issues will be looked at, and can hopefully be fixed fast when i start working on it :slight_smile:

Now that the previous beta is over and i have a chance to work on new things i’ve looked a little at the scaling issues and I just pushed an update out to the beta testers that includes some scaling bug-fixes.
It will fix the EQ button position and size, and it will make sure all the text in the EQ window renders at the same size (for now)

If you’d like to test, make sure you are running the latest client and enable the beta opt-in and you will get a prompt to update.