Windows 10 Equalify Screen Image - Too small

January 02, 2016. New ASUS computer running Windows 10 64bit with a Realtec soundcard. Equalify software installation/activation worked fine but the visual graphics are way off.

The Equalify bar logo is a very small red line above the Spotify logo. Carefully double clicking the bar opens the equalizer but the controls/text are way too small to work with.

Help needed?

Would you happen to have a screenshot of this ?
Also what screen resolution do you have ?

And, does the GUI in the EQ itself show correctly ?
The more information and screenshots i get, the easier it will be to figure out whats wrong :slightly_smiling:

Hi Notrace,

Thanks for the quick response.

I re-opened Spotify and found the Equalify app missing. Next
re-installed the app from download folder and then reopened Spotify. The Equalify
pop up stated no licence and muted the sound asking me to uninstall the app.
I had to delete the Equalify app in order to stream Spotify music.

I suggest we start over with a fresh Equalify download (please assist with this) and
then I can send you screen shots if the same Windows 10 issue surfaces.


This is a good guide to installing Equalify from scratch:

The Equalify pop up stated no licence and muted the sound asking me to uninstall the app.

Probably because you had been to the members page and deactivated the key? I noticed you had two (inactive) keys now. You should not deactivate your keys.

Lets try following the guide first and see where that gets us.

Hi. Reloaded the app. Thanks for resetting the license.

Regrettably the same screen issue appeared again. Notice the small green colored line above and to the right of the green Spotify logo. This is the Equalify music equalizer. Hard to click on it and open up the equalizer app.

AH ok, i know what that is!

You have enabled scaling, and by the looks of it around 200% ?
Go to the settings in the EQ (when you eventually manage to open it), then to the misc “tab” and enable the beta opt-in and hit apply.

When you restart spotify (and play a song if needed) it should ask you to update Equalify pro. The beta includes a fix for scaling issues.

Please let me know it goes :slight_smile:

Thx. This patch fixed - moved the Equalify bar to the correct position next to the Spotify logo. Thx, 0^0

The remaining improvement is to enlarge the text on the GUI pop up header. Even after expanding the GUI block to half the PC screen size the text is still extremely small and difficult to work with. Greg

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