When i activate Equalify it scrolls through my list of music fast and i cannot stop it?

Problem description:
When i activate it it scrolls through my songs and i cannot stop it and then it keeps crashing when i try to switch device.

Operating system:
windows 10

Can’t find it

Spotify version

Any special software you might have installed:
I got logitech gaming software

I’m pretty sure the scrolling through songs issue is a bug with Spotify.
I managed to replicate this a few weeks ago even without Equalify installed. It scrolled through my whole playlist without playing them until it found a local mp3. I can not remember what caused it though.

What device are you trying to change to?

The two issues could also be related, but i will have to get more information.

You could try closing Spotify, then go to %appdata%/Equalify in your file explorer and delete the equalify2.eq file to reset equalify to the default settings. Keep in mind this will also delete any presets you might have saved. So back it up first.

Thank you! it worked.