What I miss most

As a long time user/fan of equalify, I actually miss the old skool style (10 band?) EQ. Although I appreciate the current version is more powerful, there’s a lot to be said for usability and ease of use.

Any chance we could have an option that snaps the UI back to an EQ with fixed bands like before? I personally found it way easier to find my ideal profile and was actually a bit disappointed when I purchased Pro!


Hey there @xmachine there has been talk to add this in future updates down the road.

Im kind of surprised that the para EQ we have now wasnt a feature rather than the basic product!
Will look forward to it if/when it happens.

Actually, is there anywhere I can download the old version from?? Then I’d be happy!

I am unsure, Equalify Free is no longer supported and no longer works with Spotify 1.0.x or higher. You would have to google for Equalify Free and downgrade your spotify.

Good Luck.

Hey @xmachine

The parametric pro eq was in development at the same time as the old free version and is a complete rewrite of everything.
When Spotify then switched things up and broke the old eq i had to decide which version to spend my time on, and i chose the pro version.

Like @DigidyDOG said, the old free version does not work with spotify 1.0 or above, the only way to get it is via some random download site on the net. You will also have to downgrade to one of the 0.9 versions of spotify to use it.

The old UI is gone and will never come back. What might happen in the future is a 10band preset that will have the Q and Hz locked so you can only move the bands up and down. That will behave pretty much like the old EQ but in the new GUI.

When making your presets, remember that you do not need 10 bands to get the same curve as the old 10 band eq showed… You will most likely only need 3-4 bands. The white line is your effective filter and is what you should focus on getting how you want.