What does equalify actually do?

Hi looking at equalify, was wondering if it improves latency or does it improve the streaming rate?
Or is it just an eq? If you can help shed some light i would appreciate it. Also is there a trial before i purchase? 15$ great britain currency is like 25$ canadian. If i dont like i dont wanna spend 25$.
Thanks to all for info.



EQ, Device Changer, and Frequency Analizer

Here is a video.


Equalify pro does not improve the latency or streaming rate. That is all controlled by Spotify.
Equalify Pro is “just” an advanced Equalizer - it can alter the audio after Spotify has downloaded and done its processing(decoding).
It can not change what bitrate Spotify downloads.

At the moment we do not have a trial or demo version, however you can purchase and test it out for a couple of days - if an EQ is something you want - and if you don’t want it you can send a mail to support@equalify.me and we can cancel/refund the purchase.