What do you use Equalify Pro for?

Hey Equalify Community,

I was wondering what do you use Equalify Pro for?

Equalify Pro is a great tool for the EQ but there are many other things that motivates people to get this plugin. I personally use it for its device changer, so I can play spotify music in Teamspeak with my friends maybe you are a DJ and you use it for work or weddings, well whatever motivates you to get it please answer the question above.

Looking forward in hearing you answers.


Same here, I use Equalify Pro for device changer exclusively. My sound card is a Delta 1010, which has eight output channels, four of which are routed through two stereo mixer channels. One is the default device, and the other is exclusively for music playback. That way I can use the fader to control music independently of other sounds. That lets me quickly change music volume while gaming; up for quiet songs, down during in-game dialog, and so on.

I’m glad the dev started charging for this app. Money well spent and well deserved.

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Mainly the device changer too here. I re-routed the signal to a virtual sound card with two outputs and connected to two Bluetooth devices for simultaneously playback. It was more of an experiment. It’s hard to compensate the different buffer sizes and latency to sync up both speakers though.

It’s quite the opposite for me.
It’s an EQ For a reason, but the added Quick-Swap Device changes do help when wanting to share music with others.

A vast majority of people don’t want to listen to what I listen to. So currently, I’ve no use for the Device Management portion of the App. [Unless I want to piss the neighbours off by switching to my Audio card and messing around with Sub-Settings] :wink:

#5:1 450w Sub SAY WHUUUUUT

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I want to use it listening music with friends while chilling on teamspeak but it didnt work. Can you tell me how you make it work?

Hey @Sero

I have a great Teamspeak MusicBOT Tutorial on Youtube. Its slightly out dated but the information is good. I need to update it…

If you watch it when it says do -nosingleinstance just skip that and instead just open the bookmark in a new tab.

Let me know if that video helps. If not we can always get in a Teamview 11 Meeting and I can help you with it.


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