Was working, but spotify glitching, when i reinstalled it would not work

hi…i have deactivated my licence key by mistake. how do i reactivate it olease. i have tried shutting down, re installing etc,. but no results… i even bought another subscription to equalify but it still didnt work…please help. thanks, willie

Hey there @willie I am going to make this topic public and mention our developer @Notrace on this topic so when the solution arises it is able to help others.

Make sure you try and play a song, if it doesn’t play then lets move on to more info section of my post and escalate it to the developer.

Just to help expedite this process can you please provide some extra information:

Like @DigidyDOG said i will need to know more about your computer/software before i can provide any meaningful help.
If it used to work, there is no reason why it shouldn’t still work - unless something has changed on your side.

Provide the info that was asked for by digididog and we will figure tit out! :slight_smile:

thanks DigidyDOG
its windows 10
equalifyPRO 1.1.7
no info on what soundcard but Realtek is evident.
no special software installed
the laptop is lenovo Yoga 300

hope you can figure it out

Spotify ?
Please download and install the latest Spotify version from here and try again: https://www.spotify.com/us/download/windows/ is not a valid Spotify version number.

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