Upgradin old Equalify 2.5.3 to Pro issues

I have been using Equalify since I started using Premium Spotify some years ago.

Today I decided to upgrade to avoid some freezing issue in Spotify, that others have reported too.

My issue is that I cannot see any of the 10-15 presets I made in the old one. I cannot see any of them.

If I reinstall the old one, then they are all there as usual.

I tried to copy the “preset eq” file in the new ones but no success.

Plus I cannot see any “active analyzer” or on and off button.

The old one I must say was much better than this new and more “usable”.

It was easier to find out where and how to do thing.

Any help about these issues?

I am not entirely sure if it is possible to just copy your old presets to the new EQ due to it being a little different @Notrace Can you please confirm or deny my claim…

As for the analyzer make sure you have the analyzer on

And did you Uninstall the old EQ before upgrading to PRO?

Correct @DigidyDOG, presets from the old equalizer will not work with the new. The preset formats are completely incompatible. The old presets only saved the gain for each band, while the new presets saves all parameters for the band, including the hz, gain, width…

@bimbobo if you mouse over the header you will see the buttons appear.
I can agree that the old one was simpler and had less features, but it certainly was not better. The new one has a small learning curve, but once you understand how it works it will do the job faster and better than the old one could ever do.

Some help on how to use a parametric EQ:


Here is also a short video on how to use PRO,

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Thanks for your answers.

I have been playing a bit with the new Pro version, but even though I found out how to use the bands of the equalizer, I have very big difficulties to set them op in a way to achieve the same sound quality I have in the old.

I am probably not “nerded” enough and maybe all other users think that the new is good for them, but I struggle a lot and sorry usability for me is not the same.

I paid for it, so nothing to do about that, but will keep the old one too, until the day it won’t run anymore.

I will try to play a bit more, but I know myself, and even though I work in the IT world and I am NDA beta tester for several company I found the new Pro not simple and practical.

@bimbobo I understand where you are coming from…when I first used the new one I was having a little difficulties with it but once you play around with it, you will get the hang of it, it is a combination of band placement and Q width that will allow for good EQ sets…also if you want to wait for version 1.0.1 there should be a good number of presets in there which you can modify and tinker with to your liking and save.

So please stick around with us a little longer and don’t give up…also if you have any suggestions or features that might make Pro easier for non-experienced people please drop by our Ideas/New Features section, make a thread and let us know.

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Thanks for answering.

My suggestions are simple. “Make it simple” :smile:

  1. Use a simple UI for those like me, who do not need advanced combinations.

  2. Make an “advanced mode” for those who like to play with it.

The older one was great, I made 15 presets very quickly and simply. I never used the default presets.

Make the equalizer with bands you can move up and down, not right-left or other combinations.

I reinstalled the old one, even if there are sometimes freezing issues, but as you wrote, I will
wait and see what the next version brings