my name is sander and i use equalify pro a lot. I use it for my Streaming (Twitch.tv/opspark). But now i whant to start a twitch stream community. The community is all about helping people start streaming/ helping improving there stream. Thats wy i whant to offer them equalify pro because with equalify u can change the audio cable of spotify that u wont hear the music but your stream does.
Thats wy i whant to upgreade to more users :wink:
My paypal : Sanderslot11@gmail.com

i hope to hear from u soon,
(sorry if the English is not that good)

Yours faithfully,
Sander Slot

If i’m understanding you right you want to upgrade your license to get more activations so you can share them with your community?

I’m afraid that is not possible, they would have to purchase Equalify themselves.
An Equalify pro license (and the account) is personal and not shareable.

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