Upgrade to TOP

Problem description:
I want to Upgrade from a 1 license key to a 3 or 15

Operating system:

I really need a second key, i activated my only one on the pc of my girlfriend and installed equalify on my pc too, if i click Play and dont enter a username or password in a given amount of time my PC completly freezes, if i get the message that the User is allready activated somewhere else the Pc freezes too, instant or after a period of time.

And ye i know you wont make regular Upgrades, but please take care of me :<


Equalify should not be able to make your whole computer freeze, if something goes wrong with Equalify the worst that can happen is that Spotify crashes/freezes - nothing else…

The old upgrade system is no longer in use and i havent made a new one yet. So as of now upgrades are generally not something we offer - but send me a PM and we can see what we can do.

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