Upgrade to multi-device license

A couple weeks ago I bought a single device license for work. I’d like to upgrade to a multi-device license. Is there a way to do that, or do I just have to buy a second, multi-device license?

Hello @coryvb123 I am glad you contacted us today.

It is possible to upgrade but you need to send an email to support@equalify.me
Please DON’T post this information as a reply to this topic.

The subject needs to contain “Upgrade Request

Please put this in the body of your email:


I want to upgrade my Equalify Pro Plan.

Equalify username: (insert equalify username here)
Current plan: (Insert your current plan 5,10,15>)
Which plan you want to upgrade to: (insert which plan you want to upgrade to <10,15>)
My PayPal email address: (insert your paypal email address you plan on paying with)

Once you do that you will be sent a PayPal money request for the amount of the plan you are upgrading to minus the amount of your current plan.

When the transaction completes please give up to 1-3 business days for your upgrade to be processed. If you don’t get the upgrade in that time period please send another email to support@equalify.me

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