Hi can I upgrade from STANDARD TIER to TOP TIER?

You already have 2 available keys/activations available. Are you sure you need to upgrade to top tier ?

If you want we can make it happen, but you do not need to at this time if all you want is to use Equalify on another machine.

yes i want becouse I hava many device. Please send me a link to pay with paypal

I’m waiing for…

I’ve looked into it, and i cant just send a payment request like that.
Will not work due to technical reasons.

If you absolutely need more licenses, you will have to set up another account and buy more that way.

As it says on the members page: “It is not possible to upgrade your license after purchase

Remember that you can re-use your keys if you get a new computer: Licence already activated (upgraded,reinstalled,new hardware)