Update checking behind proxy fails

Problem description:
Equalify tries to check for update but fails because it’s behind a proxy. Activation worked without any problems. Is there a way to disable the automated update checking? Or is there a way that equalify uses a proxy for this?

Btw i noticed that the button in the members area says it’s version 1.4.3 but it’s 1.4.6

Operating system:
windows 10

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version (master branch commit 55cf216)
that’s the version which is shipped by the installer

If activation worked, updates should work fine too. They both use the same way to connect.

What kind of error/issue are you experiencing?
Do you get the update dialog? Any error messages?

There is not currently any way to turn off the Update checks

The update check could fail because these requests were cauth by another rule in the proxy.

On startup and a manual “check for updates” click throws a “Update Failed” dialog box.
The normal update dialog (with the changelog) doesn’t appear.

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