Update check still fails behind proxy

Problem description:
My Issue with the update check from this post still exists (Update checking behind proxy fails).

Some more informations:
Spotify is behind a proxy with SSL Interception.
The connection to the License Server works without any issues.
Only the check for updates throws a “Update Failed” error.
If you start Spotify, equalify always tries to check for updates and always throws this error box. This is annoying.

Operating system:
Win 10

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version (master.55cf216)

Could you get the changelog and the update dialog before?
And did the “install update” button work?

Or has it never worked on that machine?

If the problem is that your proxy is blocking the download of the updated file, removing the messagebox would most likely just make the update dialog show every start instead… and i’m not sure that would be any better…

I’ve made a little backend change now, you will probably get the update dialog on start now, but it will most likely still fail to download the update.

The Update Button never worked on this machine.

Now i’m able to check for updates and i can get the changelog box.
Updating does still fails. Is there a way to manual update equalify (copy files from another machine)?
Because after that it would only inform me when an update is available and i can do a manual update.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can copy the dsound.dll file from the %appdata%/spotify folder to get the latest version of the EQ to the machine.

Thanks, it works.
Now i’m on (master.34ec992) and the update check works :slight_smile:
Thread can be closed.


Sorry about forgetting the first thread! :sweat_smile:

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