There is no Equalify there

Hello, i got a question. When i started spotify the Equalify dont even start. I reinstalled all but its still not working there. It worked for 2 weeks but then it did nothing anymore. There is not button or anything else anymore. Sorry for my bad english. Hope you can help me.


There should not be any reason for the EQ to suddenly stop working. You said you have tried re-installing and its not working. Have you by any chance installed razer gamebooster/cortex lately ?

The EQ might also not show up on the first spotify launch after a spotify update, but that is solved by just re-starting spotify.

Also, could it be that you just didn’t hit play in Spotify? The EQ does not load until Spotify tries to play audio.

I seem to be having this issue as well. Equalify was working up until with the last week. There’s been no hardware/software changes as far as I can tell? However, Equalify has stopped working/opening with Spotify.

Windows 10
Latest version of Spotify
Latest version of Equalify

Have you made sure to play a track ? :slight_smile:

Disregard my post. Derp.

(AKA Thanks! lol)

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Hehe, thanks for the laugh:)

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