The EQ icon wont appear

Problem description:
the EQ icon wont appear and i have followed the instructions (played a song after i installed it) and i installed it in the spotify folder and i reinstalled spotify but it dident work…

Operating system:
windows 10

I have a behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD

*Spotify version
is this the version?

Equalify Pro version
version 1.3.2

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
the drivers for the Behringer U-Phoria umc204HD


Sorry about not replying sooner. Have you gotten this sorted ?
I see this post is 6 days old but it looks like you used the EQ 5 days ago so i assume you fixed it?

If not let me know and we’ll have a look!

No its not fixed, i havent realy messt with sence i posted about it.

Actually now that i looked at the last used date on the key it seems to be from Dec. 30th 2016 not 17… So a year ago - not 5 days.

Do you know if the Behringer uses ASIO drivers ?
And is your Behringer box about a year old ?

I don’t know it uses ASIO drivers, And its only like 2 weeks.
And yea last time i used equalify it was a year ago…

Try deactivating the key on the members area on the website and see if you are asked to enter the user/pass when playing a song in spotify (after a spotify restart).

Could also be worth testing if the EQ will load if you disconnect the external soundcard. My bet is that it uses ASIO or WASAPI, which bypasses the EQ

okey shure, but it never asked me for the key when i installed it…

Hey i just got it working i just installed it in the wrong folder… and it works fine whit the behringer and its drivers,
Thanks for the help.


That makes sense then! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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