Suggestion: "Geezer Setting"


One of the reasons I use an equalizer is that I’m over 50 (54 to be exact). Like most men my age, my hearing above 10 kHz is compromised.

The curves are fairly predictable for most people of the same age (assuming good general health, etc). It would be nice to see a preset that was age based to follow these curves:

(See more about age and hearing here: )



That is a good use of an equalizer if used at moderate volume levels. I would assume exaggerating the high end frequencies at high volume would just cause more damage, so i wouldn’t suggest that.

However i think counteracting the hearing loss due to age would be best done manually by the person affected by adding the band to the EQ themselves. Either a high shelf filter to boost the high end or a low shelf filter to lower the low end.

An example is to add a High Shelf filter at around 2500hz with a Q value of ~0.6 - then just increase the gain to your liking… (remember to lower the pre-amp/gain if you raise it too high).

The EQ is not made to go to the extreme dB ranges mentioned in that article/graph though but you will get about half way there.

I will definitely think about it for a future update though.