Stopped working

Hello, could you please check the status of my account? When opening Spotify and attempting to login, I receive notification that I cannot download a valid license. Reviewing my account details here on the website, it still shows Licenses Status as pending.

Username Baz1983


I can not find any payments from you, not on PayPal or in the account or payment databases.

Please check your paypal account and see if you have completed the payment.

If you have completed a payment you will also have received a mail from paypal with a transaction number, could you please send the transaction number and the paypal email address you used to me in a private message and we can take it from there.

mod removed personal info
My username: Baz1983

Ah, theres your problem!

You are using the wrong username.

The username with an active license is baz19831

You have two accounts registered with two different email accounts.

Try logging in with baz19831 instead :smile:

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