STANDARD TIER - Could only active one license, one Machine.. instead of 3 Machines


I have bought the £10 STANDARD TIER package some months ago. Please see my username. I have registered Equalify one on my main Computer, which should count as one license. Now I wanted to active Equalify on my laptop, but it says I have no more licenses remaining…

I had some trouble a month ago, where I had to reinstall my computer 2 times in a row, where I might had logged in through Equalify, which would count up to 3 licenses… If that is the case can we please have a sort of workaround for this problem.

If not, why can’t I connect my 2nd device?


Yea you have used your 3 activations already. but its easy to fix!
Just follow the guide below and deactivate the keys not in use.
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Ah that was fast, thankyou !

awesome ! How can I figure out which key is used at the moment?


You could look at the about screen in the EQ and match the key there to the keys on the website.
Or just go by the dates on the website.

There are currently no naming or other ways to determine what keys are in use.

I could maybe add a “last used date” to the list of keys :slight_smile:


Just a little update, the Last Used timestamp has now been added to the keys on the members page and the keys are ordered by the last used date :slight_smile:

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