Standalone App or Tidal Support?



I use this to create profiles for my different headphones. Kind of like dsp correction to reach the harman listening target and I never listen without it. Spotify is great but ideally I would like to move to tidal becuase I can really notice the difference. I would pay anything to have this available as a standalone app to control the whole audio output of my computer! seriously I cant live without it, so I would pay a premium for a standalone app for this. I cant find anything similar so please take advantage.



There will definitely not be a Tidal only version, they use a completely different audio pipeline that i wont be able to hook into without creating a whole new app from scratch. And if i’m creating an app from scratch its better to make a system wide option, which is something i’ve thought about a few times.

But a whole new project from scratch is not a small task. I’ll look into it a bit today and see if its even doable, and if it is, if its worth the time investment.


I understand that, a systemwide version is the way to go in my opinion! wider market too. Please update this posts with your thoughts. My hopes are up for the future. Curently the only way to use eq with tidal I have found is with Roon (overkill for me) which costs hundreds of pounds and uses a much more basic interface without the use of profiles. Seeing the analyzer is very helpful to see if I am getting close to clipping and understanding what I am hearing in my music. All the best software is for use with a DAW, but as far as systemwide equalisers go there are only basic graphic ones up to 10 band. I would back this on kickstater, perhaps it could gain attention and be worth your while through crowd funding?


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