Spotify won't open when Equalify Pro is installed

I’ve only just started having this problem. Spotify wouldn’t open so I uninstalled Equalify and that seemed to be the problem. Spotify just opens then closes straight away when equalify is insalled. Any ideas?

I’m running the latest version of spotify as far as I know.

I’ve gotten a couple of reports like this the last couple of weeks.
I will need to know what OS you are running, if you have installed any new apps recently, or done any OS updates.
I will also need to know the version number of your spotify application (help->about).

There should not be any reason for Equalify crashing and i can not replicate it on any of my systems, so i will need as much detail as possible to be able to replicate the issue so i can fix it.

I’m using Windows 10 as I have done since release. My spotify version is The only new app I’ve installed recently is Razer Synapse as I’ve just got a new keyboard. I’ve tried uninstalling synapse and then installing equalify and it still isn’t working so I don’t think its that.

I have Razer Synapse, mine works fine…that shouldn’t be the reason.

Razer synapse did not use to be an issue at least, only razer gamebooster and razer cortex, but something might have changed.

My main computer and another test machine is also win10 (one pro one home) and has the same Spotify version and the release version of Equalify Pro installed, and i can not get it to crash.

If you are willing to share more information (in a private message) about your computer and the apps installed i can write up a guide and send to you. It might help me identify a cause.

I’ll message you now

Did you found a solution? I’ve still the problem :frowning:

For him it fixed itself for no reason. It might have been a dodgy windows update.

Make sure your windows is up to date and restart your computer, see if that helps. There is no reason it should be crashing. There has not been any changes on my side since the last release in November. And there was no reports of crashes until January, so my theory is that its a Windows update that caused issues.

I have not been able to replicate it myself on any of my machines, and neither has any of my testers.

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