Spotify Windows Store removal

Spotify Windows Store removal

This thread will have some potential workarounds to get rid of the store version of Spotify - for those that are so “lucky” to have been migrated to it.

There are MANY threads on the forum about Spotify suddenly “updating” to the Windows Store version, and how hard it is to get rid of it. (Please search the forum before making new posts about it!)

This is a guide for a new method that should work.

First start up Spotify and check that you are using the store version:



If it says (Windows Store Version) you can follow the rest of this guide.

Then exit Spotify

Go to the Windows taskbar /start-menu and search for Spotify and uninstall it.
Press uninstall when it asks.

Open a powershell window with administrator rights (right click the app icon for the menu options)

and run this command: Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers *Spotify* | Remove-AppxPackage

Then download

and save it somewhere convenient

It will most likely complain about the certificate being corrupt or invalid, this is because the installer has been modified to not start the migrator or spotify when it is done.
Just ignore the warning

When the file is downloaded, execute it.
Again windows will probably complain about the file being unrecognized, Hit “More info” on the first screen

And “run anyway” on the second screen:

When the installer is done it will close and Spotify and the migrator should not start

Open %appdata%/spotify in your file explorer:

Find SpotifyMigrator.exe and delete it:

Start Spotify normally and hope that the problem is solved.
Verify by checking the spotify version number:



Once you have verified that you indeed have the regular version of Spotify installed you can go ahead and install Equalify again.

If you have any 3rd party Spotify applications installed via the windows store, you should uninstall those as well before following the guide. Examples of 3rd party spotify apps include: Xpo Music and Spotimo.


If for some reason the solution in the first post does not work or is reverted when Spotify automatically updates there is another thing you can try.

This is only for people that knows their way around the Windows registry!
But this method is at your own risk.

save it to your pc and unpack DisableSpotifyMigrator.reg

Double-click the .reg file and import it into your registry.

Then restart your machine and try the procedure in the first post again.
(you must restart for the registry change to take effect)

This registry edit should not have any impact on anything else on your system, its been tested and working fine.
But as i said above, do this at your own risk. We take no responsibility if something goes wrong.

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