Spotify Version - Equalify not showing up

Problem description:
Equalify not showing up when playing spotify content. No Store version installed.
Tried different things as reboot reinstall …

Operating system:
Windows 10

HP Thunderbold Dock integrated Audio

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
no first time using equalify

Have you looked through this post?

Also remember that equalify does not load until you actually play music.

Unfortunately the fix doesn´t find the correct chipset and can´t install.
I always play music when trying to use equalify.

Thanks for you help.

Hello again,

You read the whole post, right “incompatible hardware and software” ?
I just realized you might have just clicked the “asus xonar” topic and tried that fix,

If this is your first time trying Equalify and it is not working at all for you, we can refund the purchase.

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