Spotify Opens the closes

Problem description:
So every time I load spotify it opens then closes (it works fine when equalify isnt installed) If installed spotify again and again both the offline installer and the web.

Operating system:
windows 10

No clue

Spotify version
Latest version

Equalify Pro version
Latest Version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:


I am unsure with such little information,

@Notrace you got any ideas?

Will need to get more information to have any chance of resolving this.

edit:wrong link…

Have you read through the list above and made sure you don’t have any of the hardware or software(or something similar) that is listed there ?

Sorry for the late reply, I have none of those

Have you made sure that your windows install is fully updated, try searching for updates to check.

I can see you have 2 active keys on two different machines, i assume it works fine on at least one of them ?

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