Spotify installs as App not Application


i just want to know if i could get my money back, because the “offline” Installer referenced in the download Page won’t work with new Versions of Windows.
Because Windows is a little b%@!h and installs Spotify as an App and i have no “rights” to open the folder or install it as Administrator.

With best regards,
Mernacher Maximilian

PS. I’m austrian, don’t expect the best english from me :slight_smile:

Hey, i’ll mark your account for a refund, You should have the money back by tomorrow!

Its actually Spotify thats making this happen. If you have had the App version of spotify installed once, it will automatically migrate to the app version after installing the regular desktop (“offline”) version.

There is a way to get back to the regular desktop version:

If you want to test that first, go ahead, and just let me know if it works.

Thanks for that absolutely quick response!

i tried uninstalling the store version but it keeps rolling back to the Store Version.

I’ll appreciate it if i get my money back :smiley: