Spotify has decided to change itself to windows store only

Problem description:
Have had spotify installed with equalify, has been running for like 5 days,
just logged back onto the PC, and spotify has automatically switch to store version.
tried to re-download the full version via:
When it installs it automatically goes to store version again.

Spotify website has also changed to install it via microsoft store aswell.

Will there be a update to support the store version?

Operating System: windows10-64bit home (installed 5 days ago-new PC)

Spotify: (Windows Store version)

Equalify Pro version: Latest

Dont just install the regular version, you have to uninstall the store version first. If not it will always just revert to the store version on launch.

So open “add or remove programs” find spotify, uninstall.
Then install the desktop version and it should be fine - it is for most people.

Spotify website has also changed to install it via microsoft store aswell.
There is a link to the regular version on the same page. see: Quick Tips: Before and After you install Equalify Pro

Tried that multiple times
with uninstall-restart-install, everytime it goes to store version.
thing is it was already installed and running with equalify, didn’t touch a thing and it automatically changed itself to store version.

The issue with spotify “updating” to the store version automatically and not allowing the desktop version to be installed again afterwards seems like a spotify or windows bug.

I have tried to replicate it on several machines and virtual machines, but i cant…
On all machines i’ve tested on, uninstalling the store version and installing the desktop version always works.

Until i’m able to replicate the issue on a machine i have access to i’m afraid i cant figure out a solution.
I need to see whats happening in order to figure out a workaround.

The re-coded version of Equalify that will work with the spotify store version is too unstable to publish at this time so that is not an option either.

Any chance you would let me remote access your machine to see what is going on?
(if yes, i’ll contact you in a private message - do not provide any info here)

@Notrace Feel free to remote access my computer… cus im sick of this bug and only happens on my work pc but not my pc at home??? :confused:

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