Spotify freezing when installed equalify and stoping to work

Problem description:
if i have equalify installed spotify just quits working when i try to start a song and also there is no EQ button at the upper edge

Operating system:

i have allready tried out to fix my problem with the asus problem fix thingy because i have got an asus mainbord where i use the soundcard from but it said “… was allready deleted” and it doesnt helped

Spotify version

Any special software you might have installed:
i have installed realtek HD audio manager but it isnt running because there is a issue with the decoserbox of my headset wich is the tritton pro+

Helo @gluemen, Equalify pro is not compatible with Spotify v0.9.x

You will need to install Spotify 1.0 or above to get it to work.

From the front page of the Equalify website:

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ok i will try to reinstall spotify (there is no update available sp i hope if i reinstall it it will be 1.0)

ok i reinstalled spotify now but it is still version 0.9.17 can ic force spotify to update or what can i do

You should try uninstalling the old version of spotify, there might be something wrong with it.
Then download the latest spotify installer and install it.

Spotify has been at version 1.x since around February, so you should have gotten it a long time ago.

well is allready did it i have closed spotify first then deinstalled it over the controllpanel restarted my coputer downloaded the newest installer downladed spotify with it and installed it still 0.9.17

I cant understand why, Spotify has not distributed 0.9.x in over 6 months.

Try this link instead, that is the full offline installer, not the web installer.

I just downloaded that one myself, and its 1.0.13

oh my god thank you for the fast reply it worked now =) i will hear some music now and go to bed then :wink:


No problems, glad you got it working.
Please mark the reply that solved it for you as the solution :slight_smile:

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