Spotify freezes when playback is started (Spotify version 0.9.x)

Problem description:
After installing Equalify Pro, I am unable to start playback on spotify. Clicking on the Play button causes Spotify to freeze immediately. Uninstalling Equalify Pro fixes this issue.

Operating system:
Windows 7 Pro

Integrated sound chip (VIA VT1708S) on Asus mainboard.

Spotify version:
In the Help - About menu Spotify reports version This is the version I get when using the installer downloaded from

Any special software you might have installed:
ASIO4All, VB Audio HiFi Cable & ASIO Bridge

Equalify Pro is only compatible with Spotify v1.0 or above.

ref. website:

This time it is fully parametric and is built for the new version of Spotify, and therefore requires Spotify v1.0 or above to work.

You should try re-downloading Spotify. Version 1.0 came out in February/March.

Link to the full offline Spotify installer(should give the latest version):

I already tried to re-download and re-install spotify but the version remained the same. It seems that for some reason the official download page provides an old version at least for my current location (Finland).

However, I did manage to find version 1.0.12 elsewhere and now Equalify Pro is working.



Strange, when i downloaded from the url you provided, it gave me the 1.0.13 version.
But glad you got it sorted out.
I’ll change the topic so its easier to find for others running old Spotify versions.