Spotify doesen't show me any log window for equalify

Problem description:
I followed all the instructions i’ve seen on this forum, but it didn’t worked anyway.
I’ve installed Equalify in the right folder (But nothing new appears in it)
I played the songs after opening spotify but no log in from your software showed up
I think the problem could be my computer but i don’t know how to fix this.
I hope you can help me because i Just bought a couple of monitors, and they sounds a bit cold, i would like the sound to be warmer.
Thanks in advance.
Operating system:
windows 10

Yamaha Audiogram 6

Spotify version
Equalify Pro version
How do I know that?
Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

Hey @partycrasher

My initial thought is that Equalify pro and the yamaha audiogram 6 device isn’t compatible.

I guess that an easy way to confirm this is to unplug it and let windows use your builtin audio, then relaunch spotify(make sure you exit spotify completely first).

If the equalify login window shows up after that, its confirmed that it wont work with that yamaha device.

If it still doesn’t show up please check out this thread and see if you have any of the software in the list installed:

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