Spotify crashes since system crashed

Problem description:
since my windows just crashed, every time i try to play a song while equalify is installed, it will will crash spotify.

i tried: reinstalling: equalify alone / equalify and spotify.

I’ve tried to delete the Equalify folder within appdata after uninstall then reinstall.

Operating system:

Generic Onboard/ Unknown

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

just noticed after updating on my windows tab (win10) from 1.0.0 to 1.1.1 it now crashes too.

may be it’s a general issue with an spotify update?

I’m not sure what that could be. Equalify pro works just fine with all Spotify versions up to which is the latest version so far.

I’ve reset your currently generated keys, try re-launching spotify & equalify and see if it still happens. Make sure you give it a little while when first loading, it could take a little bit for the EQ to load the first time as windows will be scanning the file to make sure its ok.

After a lot of chatting and debugging it turns out it was a ram disk (Dataram RAMDisk) that was causing trouble with Equalify… for reasons unknown so far.

" solved " by disabling/uninstalling the ramdisk pending a bug fix in the equalizer.

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