Spotify crashes on launch

Problem description:
So I purchased Equalify and installed the newest version 1.1.1.
After launching Spotify, its grey screen appears and after a few seconds, it crashes.
After deinstalling Equalify, Spotify is working properly.
(I tried the 1.0.0 version before purchasing, which started correctly.)

Operating system:
Windows 7

Onboard from ASRock Z77 Pro3
(I gues it is the Realtek ALC892 chip.)

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
Razor Synapse
Virtual Audio Cable

Can you please try this

If that doesn’t fix it please look at this and make sure you did everything correctly.

I can also confirm that those extra softwares and versions of Spotify/Equalify work properly on windows 10 and don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t on windows 7

It’s hard (not impossible :slightly_smiling: ) to accomplish this since it closes its self but it doesn’t helped me either.

I had already followed the Quick Tips before I opened this topic.

Can you try this:

I doubt re-installing spotify is needed, but try the other things mentioned in that post.

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The two approaches didn’t helped. This sucks.^^

And suddenly, it worked.
I just tried to install it, while I was using Spotify. The installer didn’t gave a notice about the running process. after restarting Spotify, the login window appeard. Yay!

WOOT WOOT! I am glad it is working for you!

I’m glad it works for you now!

But this is why its impossible to figure out whats causing this. It randomly fixes itself.

This isn’t an issue with the EQ itself, if it was it would not have randomly started working (which it seems to do for the few people thats had this issue).
I don’t have any good guesses to what it could be though.

Do you use any antivirus software or antimalware or anything that could potentially have interfered ?

I am using AVG. But I didn’t changed anything in settings nor updatet it…

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