Spotify crashes, doesn't respont

Everytime i start Spotify and start playing a track, Spotify starts to play and the Equalify shows up, but spotify doesn’t respont to my actions any more. I can’t even start playing another track. I reinstalled it a few times. but i always need to shut it down with the Task-Manager.

Windows 10

My Spotify Version is

My Equalify Version is: 1.4.6. (no even updating won’t fix the Problem)

That sounds very strange.
Do you get past the login/activation of Equalify?

Are you able to open the Equalify window before it freezes?

It shows up once. I loged in and it never come up again and no i can’t open the window. When i start playing a song, it imediatly crashes. It plays the song, so it doesn’t stop, but i can’t do anything anymore. Even stop playing doesn’t work

Ok, when I ignore the request to update Equalify it works and i don’t know why

Does it hang after you hit the update button, or does the update complete and ask you to restart Spotify ?
If it hangs after hitting the update button you should just wait a little until the update either downloads or times out.
(the updated version does not load until you restart spotify)

it finishes, and when i restart spotify than i have the issues

Almost sounds like some antivirus software might be blocking the updated version somehow.
Can you try to update your antivirus definition, if you have one installed.

I mean, nothing should mistake it for something malicious ( but you never know.

The changes between the version you download and install from the website, and the update is very minor. If the one you install from the website is working fine for you, i would just wait to update until the next one.

Should be another minor update within the next week.

You could also try downloading this file:
and place it in the %appdata%/spotify folder. Overwrite the dsound.dll that is already there.

Close Spotify before replacing the file.

Ok, with the new file it works fine without any problems. Thank you a lot <3

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