Spotify crashes after first install no prompt

Problem description:
Installed Equalify Pro, followed the guides and now when i try to play a track spotify just closes and i somtimes get an error

I have tried reinstalling spotify and Equalify still with no luck.

I have read others problems and tried the HW acc method with no results

Operating system:
windows7 Pro


Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
ie. Razer Gamebooster or Cortex

And the crashing goes away if you uninstall Equalify Pro ?

That error is not something that has been reported before, and i can not see what could cause it.
Have you also tried installing the earlier version of Equalify pro (1.1.3b) ?

Also, What antivirus software do you have installed ?

Thanks for the response:)

Issue goes away when Equalify is removed.
Issue is the same on 1.1.3b
My antivirus is Microsoft security essentials

Only other audio stuff i have is Dolby home theater software but i have never used it?

Any ideas, works fine on my desktop


Uninstalling Dolby Home Theater makes no difference

I have absolutely no ideas what so ever.
This “can not happen”…

Can you :

  • close spotify (file->exit)
  • open %appdata%/equalify in your file explorer
  • remove the equalify.eq and equalify.dat files

Then try to launch spotify again.

Makes No Difference Spotify still crashes.

If its any help my Laptop is a Lenovo Y580

Did you get to the login/activation screen at all or did it just crash instantly ?

No screen. Spotify loads up and crashes as soon as i try to play audio.

Do you know how to use IRC ?
Would be a lot easier to figure this out with live chat instead of forum that takes minutes for each reply.

Or slack, or discord…

I Don’t know any of those i’m afraid

This issue was sorted out via live chat.

I have to thank @uings for his patience and willingness to partake in figuring it out.

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