Spotify Cant Play this Right now

Problem description: Anytime I try to play music from my desktop app I get this error message "Spotfy cant play this right now. No matter what songs or albums I may play. I can play music on the app on my phone but not on my PC. Oh if I uninstall Equalify I can play songs. I have re downloaded the latest Equalify me and re installed. Also uninstalled Spotify Desktop and reinstalled.

Operating system:

windows: 10


RealTek Audio

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
No special software has been added.

You must have something else installed that interferes.

I saw something about “tuneskit” making it behave that way, could also be other apps like it that could cause the same issues.

Do you have any “ripping” software installed to rip music from Spotify?
Do you use voicemeeter or virtual audio cable? if so are the settings correct?

No ripping software dont even know what that is lol. I do use Voicemeter Banana but have been using voice meter this whole time with no issues. Once I remove equalify me my spotify works

Its most likely voicemeeter that is set up in a way that is incompatible with equalify.

Read through this post:

If i recall he had the same symptoms as you while using voicemeeter banana.

tl;dr; of the post is to set your outputs to use the MME version instead of the WDM versions in the A1/A2/A3 output selection if i remember right.

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