Spotify Application not working

Problem description:
Tried opening Spotify today and received the ‘Spotify application is not responding’ error popup. Uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled, same issue. Then I uninstalled Spotify AND Equalify and just installed Spotify. Spotify works fine. Then I reinstalled Equalify, it breaks Spotify and I get the same error message again.

I’m not sure if Spotify have just released an update that’s upset Equalify? Anyone know what might be wrong or is this a bug happening to others too?

Operating system:

Asus Motherboard

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
Pro 1.1.1

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
ie. No

Can you screenshot at what point does it crash?

Also I would suggest you take a look at these threads to see if any of their fixes can help…

here is also a guide that should be strictly followed when installing the EQ:

Try a few of those for now…There can be other reasons like, wrong install directory, the installer not have proper permissions to write the the directory, Spotify not be completely closed during install, incompatible softwares some incompatible hardwares.

Also maybe give it a second or two after it goes unresponsive…if nothing I linked you helped I will notify the developer, since 1.0.27 is a newer version of spotify.

The most common fix for this seems to be to just restart the machine (maybe a couple of times).
There seems to be something in windows thats blocking it somehow, not been able to figure out what yet since it cant be replicated and fixes itself automagically.


The day after posting here I booted the PC, reinstalled spotify (worked without crashing) installed equalify (spotifty crashed as soon as the spotify window appeared.

Restarted PC tried starting spotify and it worked! Another fix automagically…would be nice to get to the bottom of this issue as the fix is very hit and miss.

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Yea i wish i knew what was going on. Just wish i could replicate it somehow.
But no such luck so far… Will find it eventually and it will probably be something unimportant and tiny…

If it happens again please let me know and try to remember anything that you might have done prior to it happening, new software, removed software, updated, ++

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