Sounds stop regulary

Problem description:
When playing music with my USB DAC the music plays fine for some time but randomly sounds stop being outputed and a blue bar in the top of the Spotify window is shown stating: “Can’t play current song.” Chaning track does not help.

If I open Equalify and open settings -> device and select the speakers of my laptop the sound resumes. If I then change device to my USB DAC I can listen for a few more songs before the problem repeats and repeats…

This is a problem since my DAC is my music device

Operating system:
Windows 7

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus USB DAC

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
This problem was also happening on the previous Spotify and Equalify version.

I would say this is probably going to be a problem with the 4.0 patch not entirely sure but Spotify version is REALLY old we are currently in Spotify Version 1.0.45

Until @Notrace responds on this I am wondering if maybe installing the Legacy Installer (1.2.6, direct download link)

Then again I could be completely wrong. Just giving out some troubleshooting ideas.

Sorry, I wrote the wrong Spotify version. I’m using 1.0.75, which seems to be version Equalify 1.40 was released for. But I was having the same problem with the previous version of Spotify and Equalify.

I occasionally have this issue. I’ve noticed that Equalify doesn’t particularly like sound devices disappearing unexpectedly and reappearing, as I have this issue almost every time my bluetooth headphones go out of range and the connection drops. However, it works perfectly if I disconnect my bluetooth headphones every time.

It could be an issue with base Spotify though, because equalify is told to pump output to the default output device. I’m not sure if it just feeds the output to a “default” device an let windows deal with it, or it asks what the default as and pumps it there, but if it’s the latter then it might be equalify’s fault more than Spotify’s fault, but the former is more likely to be Spotify’s fault in my opinion.

Spotify has never had any form of “retry” if the audio device disappears or if another app requests exclusive access to the audio device (some games and dts/dolby digital output/++) or if the audio device changes its output format(which is basically resetting the device). The issue with DTS/dolby is usually when playing movies with surround sound.

Spotify will then just say that the device was lost and will show the blue bar saying it cant play the current track until you restart Spotify or change the output device using the equalify device changer.

Its been like this since 2008 when i first started using Spotify.

Not much more i can say without additional information from the OP.
-how regular
-what are you doing before audio stops
-can you replicate the issue


I made a video on how it behaves:


This time it was a bit different than what I described initially. The sound started to work when I switches to my Skype headset but stopped when I switched back to my music headphones. Notice how the visaualization of Equalify freezes when I select the USB DAC.

I do not make any changes prior this happening. The USB DAC is always plugged in and I can listen for 5-60 mins before the issue occurs. Sometimes it is fixed by toggeling bewteen music and Skype headset, sometimes I need to restart Spotify.

I can’t replicate it by will, it seems to randomly occur between 5-60 mins.

Another video:

Video 2

Showing some of the same behaviour but a bit different. The song won’t play when on my music DAC (Spotify shows the play symbol, but the seconds counter freezes). When I change to my Skype headset it plays again.

A third video:
Video 3

Here switching between music and Skype and back to music headset helps, and the music plays.

Looks like something (an app or the driver for your dac) is either taking exclusive control over the device or changing the device settings.

Does the source on your dac change or the incoming sample rate,
What settings show on your dac when audio works, and are they different when the audio doesn’t work ?

Can you set something in the dac drivers to lock the samplerate and other settings ?

I’m also pretty sure this would also happen even without Equalify installed… Have you tested without equalify for a few days?

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