Sound Delay Through VB-Cable/Spotify/VMB

Problem description:
I am currently having a very annoying problem. I am running Voicemeeter Banana and have EqualifyPro routing my spotify audio in through my Cable Output slot. The sound shows activity in the Input and I hear it fine but if I have my VAIO audio selected as well then I am getting a delay. I need to have the VAIO selected to hear audio from games or youtube, etc so I can’t really listen to Spotify when this happens because it is double playing for some reason

Operating system:
Windows 10

Use onboard but mainly use HyperX USB Cloud II’s

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
Voicemeeter Banana


This sounds like something you have to ask the VMB people about. Equalify does not add a delay.
Unfortunately i don’t really use VMB so i can not help with the various settings.
But its most likely an easy fix once you know what causes the delay/double play.

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