Something small

Nothing regarding Payment, the current version of Equalify etc etc Blah Blah Blah.

@Notrace My good sir,
Would you mind refactoring my Name of here to a capital “M”.

Sorry, it’s miniscule but it’s REALLY Starting to get me triggered. :smiley:


I’m not sure i can.

Your username does have a capital M on the website and the username here should be identical.
I’m using single site sign on (SSO) so the forum doesn’t have its own user database that i can change…

Has it always been a lowercase m on the forum ?

I, Honestly Don’t remember.

Been a while since I last looked ^-^.

Its triggering me too now… its not supposed to do this :>

Try logging out of the forum and logging back in.

Also try logging in with a capital M in your username…

Eehm, no worries if it’l mess with things. Just thought there’s no harm in asking ^-^

On the Equalify Main-Page:

Here, on the Forum:

I’ll try changing some settings so i can manually change your username. Give me a sec!

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Try logging out and back in now.

Oof, Legend!


Oof, maybe not.

its back to lowercase now :laughing:

I’ll logout from Main Page and Here as well, Send me an email when it’s sorted :slight_smile:

try again now…


Well, don’t worry about it too much. It’s too much work for such a small issue :smiley:

Hell no!

This is pissing me off now, i’ll edit the login code if i have to!

Ok how about now!

Log out on the main website, then log back in!


Are they running on the same DB?

Dont think you logged out properly, make sure you are logged out on forum and regular website.
Everything needs to be flushed for changes to show.

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Well played!


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