Sharing Custom Presets


All is working PERFECTLY, though I have a feature idea:

Exporting Custom Presets to a “PresetDB” So to speak.

If it’s doable, it “could” be an awesome feature for both the front-end back-end versions of Equalify.

Users could (If they wanted but probably won’t) search for pre-sets listed on the Equalify Site.
Those that do download/inport exported presets have an opportunity to vote for “Good Pre-sets” based on what style of music you might want to listen to?

Extremely vague idea, might need some detail later on.

Ideas/Thoughts on something like this from other users greatly appreciated.


Import/Export option for custom made equaliser presets

This is something i want to do. And something that is on my “things to do someday list”
I used to have preset sharing in the old free version, but for the pro version it will have to be bigger and better than the old system.

The more details and ideas you have for this, the easier it will be for me to just do it some day :smiley:


So, I’ve been thinking over the last few days-or-so:

There’s only 1 way I can think of:

Right click on already-custom EQ’s And hit “Upload”
Uploads to one of your DB’s.
Whether it’s possible to add a “Screen Capture” Or something like a EQ Preview of what has been uploaded so people know what to look at in terms of volume [+ | - DB].
Average Sound-level dictated by genre of EQ.

Mind’s gone blank after writing this. Will add more deetz when I think of any.

What kind of things are you looking to implement for this?


Right click and share/upload is the way i had planned as well.
The screenshot added to the share is something i hadn’t thought of and would be good to have!

The sharing itself isn’t that much work, its the UI/UX when loading/finding/voting that will take time to get right. I will probably start out with a basic version of the system that lets you load and find presets on a website,

Another thing that would be neat is album specific presets, and an “auto-preset mode”. The presets could be tagged with an uri (spotify:album:xxxxx…) and the most liked preset is automatically chosen if the user plays a track from that album.


The idea of that could become tedious if users are forced to use X-Preset when listening to X-Album. Perhaps another option could be enabled/disabled depending if users want that functionality.


The idea was that the auto mode would have to be enabled manually, and it would only select the auto presets when enabled… There could be a special preset in the dropdown called “Auto Select…”

But all the auto stuff will be in the 2nd or 3rd iteration of the preset sharing, not the first :blush:



does anyone remember the winamp party preset?
Would be great if you guys could create a resembling one or the same. I created one ones but I had to reinstall so it was gone. With this function I could have saved it.
But the winamp party preset was a blast! :slightly_smiling:


I haven’t yet been able to try using my an additional licence on my other PC, but am wondering if my presets transfer or if I will have recreate them?


Preset sharing is not currently implemented. You can however copy the config file from one computer to the other. That will make all your presets available :slight_smile:

The conf file is located in %appdata/Equalify and is called equalify2.eq


This is a nice option.
Could you implement a Google Drive API or something to just use that to sync across devices?
Any status update?


I would totally use this so I can transfer presets to my other computers instead of having to look at every one just to get them exact.


I Guess until something like this is implemented would be to zip up the Folder in %appdata% and upload to a private cloud. At least this way you can download and use them as you need. Would save the extra time of carrying a USB Around with you if you’re desperate for presets. :smiley:

Alternative option:
Remember your presets! :wink:


Whelp, It’s been a few years.

Any news on this?


Think i added some right click copy/import thing to the preset dropdown. Dont think anyone uses it though :smiley: