Select Channel


I have a sound card that has multiple outputs, ex Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, etc…
I would like to be able to select which channel it outputs to

Ch5 in mono mode
Ch5 & Ch6 in stereo mode

Specifically I am using a Behringer X32



I am familiar with the Behringer X32 Digital Mixer .

Are you using the rack version (X32 RACK)?

If so can’t you use a Virtual Audio Cable to set Equalify to line 1 and then in the X32 software set your input as line 1?
I don’t mess with the software side much since I have the physical board


What do you mean by Virtual Audio Cable?

I have the Rack version, but that shouldn’t really matter. I am using the USB input to send audio to the board, but I have the card setup to receive 16 channels of audio. I would like to map it to something other than the default of channel 1 & 2. I know that I can go to the boards channel and map that fader to any of the physical or card inputs.


Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) is a software that allows you to map sounds in your computer, I feel that this could help you just google search Virtual Audio Cable, look into it, its not free, and its not cheap.

The VAC acts as another recording/speaker device, I feel that this should help you, let me talk to someone that has the software installed and let me see what he thinks.

As for support of the Equalify when the developer gets a chance to look at this he may chime in.