Screen resolution and Equalify not cooperating

I have had this problem before, and it got solved with an update to Equalify. But after the new update, the Equalify icon besides the Spotify icon is not “pushable” and it’s extremely small. I’m running it on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro which has a resolution of 3200xsomething, and that was the issue last time. Can you make the Equalify logo interactive again? Also, i think Equalify has reset the equalizer - that’s my issue…

Windows 10

Newest spotify software and newest Equalify software

Simon Hansen

Thats not an intended change.
I assume that means that the dpi scaling of the icon has somehow stopped working, and the icon is tiny and partially covered by the spotify icon, like in an earlier version of equalify ?

That sounds correct to me - but i’m no IT expert.

Spotify just pushed out a new version. I went ahead and upgraded Equalify and now the icon to open it just sits overlaying the rest of the menu and it does nothing when I click on it. Please fix this app and put out an update, thank you.

It was an accidental removal of the scaling of the EQ button in the latest updates.

Due to massive code changes from the previous versions to the latest its not straight forward to just re-enable it. But i will find a solution by the end of this week.

Does it look like (picture is 200% scaling in windows):

If so you should still be able to click the EQ icon on the right side of the icon until its fixed.

If the icon is even smaller and overlapping more your windows scaling options are set extremely high… (300%?)…
The only way to use Equalify until i can push out a fix would be to lower your scaling to 200% or less. That will make the button clickable again. (right click your desktop -> Display settings -> “change the size of text,apps and other items”)

It looks exactly like that. I haven’t really been fiddling with the scaling, but I’ll have a look at it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just wait until you hopefully get it fixed😊
Thank you very much for the fast service - you’re great!

Just wanted to update you.
I have an update ready and it will go out to all the users that has opted in to the beta releases first then to everyone else a few days later.

This update will not only include the fix for the small icon, but will include scaling for the entire EQ among other things.

I just have to wait for one antivirus company (cyren/f-prot) that shows a false positive on the file. I have contacted them, so it should be fixed within a few days.
edit: Released to the beta channel…

New version of Equalify released that will fix all the scaling and dpi issues.

Everything’s working! Thanks a lot for the quick service.


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