Scaling issues on multi-monitor setups

Well, I also did a little bit poking around my display settings as you suggested a few posts ago to alehead. Here’s what I found:

  • If I have Spotify on one of my Display panels when I start the first song, the Equalizer button shows up as expected. I can move Spotify to another display, and it keeps working.
  • If I have Spotify on a different Display panel when I start the first song, the Equalizer button doesn’t show up. This remains the case even if I move Spotify to another display after starting the song. This is the case in my Debug snippet above.
  • The display that doesn’t work has Scaling active, set at 125%. If I reset scaling to 100%, the Equalizer button shows up as expected (though clearly this isn’t really an acceptable workaround).
  • I tried changing the DPI setting in equalify2.eq - was “-1”, I tried both “192” and “120” and the Equalizer button didn’t show up on that display.
  • If I change the Windows Compatibility settings on the Spotify shortcut to use Application Scaling (under Compatibility -> Change high DPI settings -> Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by -> Application) the Equalizer button shows up. (I can live with this in the short term, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to use this as a workaround.)

For comparison, here’s the Debug log from when Application Scaling is used:

[11:09:44]  !!!  Log Level set to: 0
[11:09:44]  INF  Debugging Window

[11:09:44]  !!!  Do not close this window before detatching the console(ctrl + alt + d)
[11:09:44]  INF  loaded!

[11:09:44]  DBG  hwid: 2b274c - window: ConsoleWindowClass
[11:09:44]  DBG  hwid: 2b274c - window: ConsoleWindowClass (w:993) scale:41

[11:09:44]  DBG  hwid: 5c1aaa - window: Chrome_WidgetWin_0
[11:09:44]  DBG  hwid: 5c1aaa - window: Chrome_WidgetWin_0 (w:40) scale:41

[11:09:44]  DBG  CORRECT WIDGET!!!

=                EQUALIFY                =
Loaded Equalify Dsound.dll:
dev-1.4.7.e2f5145-4773 21.10.2020 @ 17:56:56

[i] Setting up breakpad handler.
Dump dir: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\equalify\crashdumps\
Process version:
built in preset count=11
total preset count=12
[11:09:46]  DBG  (Subclass.cpp:33) hwid: 5c1aaa  (w:100) scale:100

[93] DirectSoundBuffer.cpp [_DsoundEqualifyHook::DirectSoundBuffer::DirectSoundBuffer] 00000010 00000001
[11:09:46]  !!!  Hotkeys
[11:09:46]  WAR  Hotkey1 Registered!
[11:09:46]  WAR  Hotkey2 Registered!

Hey, thank you for the logs and the details about what you tried.

The last issue sounds like a different issue than the one discussed earlier in this thread.
Lucky that the steps we tried for the first issue could help with the other.

But the new build fixed the original issue? The button is clickable when it loads on the right correct monitor?

I assume you have one of your secondary monitors scaled, and your main display not scaled ?

I’ve just split the topic up so i can follow up on the multimonitor scaling issue here and the original issue in the original thread.

I have been able to replicate the issue on my side so i’ll see what i can do over the weekend.

Could you try setting your compatibility settings back to normal and test this build:

This build should at least make the button show and make it interactable on all scaling configurations with multiple or single monitors. The auto detect scaling will still not work for multiple monitors with different scaling, but once the EQ is loaded you can open the Equalify settings and set the DPI yourself, make sure to check the “DPI scale the button in the spotify window” options as well.

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