Scaling issues on high pixel density montors


This is not only a beta issue, as it started with version 1 of Equalify Pro during the second-to-last Spotify Windows client update, but the problem continues with this beta release (

A couple of years ago, I upgraded to a quad-HD (UHD) monitor, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This was a disaster in Windows 7, as automatic scaling wasn’t yet perfected, but by Windows 8.1 (which I’m still running on the system in question), only a couple of old applications I still use don’t scale properly with a scaling ratio of 200% (which makes item sizes comparable to no scaling on a 1920 x 1080 monitor).

And when Equalify Pro was first introduced, its text and other items were scaled properly. But, as I say, a couple of Spotify updates ago, the Equalify child window was no longer scaled properly, as illustrated by the full-resolution screen shot embedded in this post below.

Jeff Broido

Hey @azz710, thanks for the feedback!

Last time i checked (back in march) the EQ window and text looked ok even when scaling was enabled in the OS. Looks like something might have changed since then though.

The EQ has never supported scaling, but i made sure all items looked correct, like the preset selector and the buttons below it. Could you please post a screenshot of the settings->device and settings->about screen as well, just to see how they look on your system.

Do you mean they were actually scaled up

Yes, indeed, the Equalify window was scaled properly before the next to last Spotify Windows client update. Before that update, incidentally, the Spotify window could only be reduced in height to a rather large size. Now, the Spotify main window can be reduced nearly to a pancake in height. Is it possible, do you suppose, that Spotify had been relying upon the OS for large monitor scaling and, now, is doing this itself? If so, would the Equalify child window inherit that setting?

Incidentally, and I know this isn’t appropriate in a narrow topic, but my prior objection to the now-large Equalify window has been settled by the fact that you now allow Equalify to move outside the main Spotify window. I’m still waiting for the analyzer for monophonic local files, however.

Yea it looks like spotify has changed how they handle scaling, and the changes they do affects the EQ window as well.

There are things i can do to make sure everything in my window is at the same scale at least. So i will try to fix that for one of the first updates after the current beta.

The analyzer issue i haven’t looked at yet, its one of those special use case bugs that have a low priority i’m afraid.

Could you please check if you have re-sizing issues as well, as in when you re-size the window you will have to move the mouse very far before its actually re-sized…

Nope! Resizing works well, just as expected.

I’m on windows 10 and i’ve been trying to replicate this, but i can’t.
I have a 4k monitor as well and tested with 200% scaling and this is the result:

Everything is just BIG, but nothing out of place… tested with 125-200% scaling.
Things seem fine for me. Will have to see if i can get my hands on a Windows 8 machine to test.

Hey @azz710

Now that the previous beta is over and i have a chance to work on new things i’ve looked a little at the scaling issues and I just pushed an update out to the beta testers that includes some scaling bug-fixes.
It will fix the EQ button position and size, and it will make sure all the text in the EQ window renders at the same size (for now)

If you’d like to test, make sure you are running the latest client and enable the beta opt-in and you will get a prompt to update.


I have a 27" 4k monitor (win10) and just purchased Equalify Pro “Top tier”.
It does not seem to be scaling at all from what I see.
I have opted in for the beta testing, clicked the “check for updates” several times and restarted Spotify, but I am still not getting a beta version with proper scaling.

The version I am using (purchased and downloaded a few hours ago) is

Hey @adnoesis

You are correct, the scaling issues that the EQ had before was because some elements scaled up while most did not.
Also the button to show the eq button in the spotify window would not scale properly and would be hidden when scaling was over 100%

So nothing in the EQ window will scale, and will stay the same size at all times. The EQ button in the Spotify window is the only thing that will scale to match the Spotify UI.

As this is an old topic all the changes/fixes in this thread is already part of the latest releases.

I’m also using a 32" BenQ 4k monitor (not using any scaling) and its all working fine for me.

I just purchased Equalify, and it isn’t scaling properly. Text, buttons etc. are half the size of those in the spotify window.
I’m on a 15" 4k monitor and my vision isn’t great (got to remember to get that new glasses prescription…), so it’s basically unusable at the moment.

@mrdavedave : 15" 4k monitor, wow! without scaling i can see (no pun intended) how using the EQ would be difficult. Keep reading the post and you’ll see that there might be hope for you in the very near future.

Some news…

So, i’ve continued work on this today, and scaling is mostly working for all elements in the user interface.
However, there are some issues if spotify is on a different monitor, with different scaling, than the monitor the EQ is visible on.

So i will have to find a solution to that.
I might have to lock the eq to the spotify window again, like in earlier versions of the eq.

The issues are caused by the windows window manager virtualizing the DPI of the other monitors and there is no way i can get around that.
This in turn is because spotify has set the spotify process to be system DPI aware, instead of per-monitor DPI aware. The eq can not change this setting after spotify has already set it.

At least now you know the state of high dpi scaling.

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Speaking of scaling:

I might have gone a little bit overboard when testing the scaling robustness in one of the beta builds…

In other news this is how the eq looks with 200% scaling right now (click for full size):

Still some tweaking needed of-course, like the logo, but its nearing something that can be tested…

Got the same Problem on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 :frowning:

Part of the problem is that - as pointed out - Windows manages DPI poorly when there are multiple monitors attached with significantly different DPIs. My solution was to disable the high-DPI display and only use the lower-DPI one, which upon restart made Windows stop virtualizing the low-DPI one, and voila, the Equalify window (among other things) rendered correctly.

Better late than never.

Full scaling/DPI support has been released for everyone that has opted in for beta builds through the Equalify client. (misc tab in settings)

Will be available for everyone within a week or two depending on beta feedback/issues…

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