Says I'm Behind a Proxy

Problem description:
I figure it’s because my ISP has had a lot of problems with connecting to update servers and the like, I’m not behind a proxy or anything and I have an internet connection, you’ll need to generate a key manually for me… I’m not sure how I’m meant to go about this.

Operating system:

Just the standard that came with my motherboard not an issue.

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:


I am unfamiliar with this.

I’m just getting the following error is all

Are you sure you are typing in your credentials correctly? Caps locks on?

Try logging into with your credentials…if you can login there then it must be some sort of proxy or firewall.

I have. And I’ve disabled all my firewalls and tried again. I just need you guys to generate them manually apparently.

I’ve replied to your PM @kandee. Lets keep the conversation there. :slight_smile:

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