Right-click drag to adjust Q width doesn't work

Problem description:
Right-click on dot and dragging to left or right should adjust the Q width according to the feature video:

But it either moves the dot, or opens the context menu. Could this be related to the built-in Apple trackpad? (MacBook Air, running Windows with Bootcamp drivers)

It would be great if there was a way to use the left mouse button together with a modifier key to adjust the arc, like Ctrl+LMB.

Operating system:
Windows 8, 64bit

Mac Airbook built-in audio (Cirrus Logic CS4208, AB 114)

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version (Beta)

It works fine for me, must have to to do with the apple trackpad.

You’re right, it works with an USB mouse. With the trackpad, neither two-finger tap and drag nor a physical click on the right corner of the trackpad can be used to adjust it.

I suggest the following:

  • Make Ctrl+Click (LMB) add a new filter in addition to double-click
  • Make Shift+Drag (LMB) adjust the Q width in addition to RMB drag
  • Change Ctrl+Drag for dragging the window to Alt+Drag

Also works fine with normal trackpads on non-apple laptops.
Must be something with how the apple trackpad driver sends the mouse-clicks, which is not something i can test(i do not own an apple device) or really take into consideration when its such an edge case and so few possible users with that issue.

I could see about adding an extra way to right click the bands, since that’s an important part of the eq. but i dont want a lot of modifiers for all the various mouse actions, it just complicates things for everyone.

Q can be changed in the right click menu as well.

Adding bands and adjusting the Q width seem like the two most important actions to me. Thus, there should really be an alternative, because setting the Q width via the context menu is cumbersome for me with a trackpad. And I don’t think it would make anything harder for users, because you don’t have to use Shift+Drag and it’s currently not used for anything.

You can still add bands with your trackpad, right ?
And if you get access to the right click menu with some modifier+LMB you would be able to set the Q via the input box:

Seems like the easiest fix, adding an additional method of getting to the right click method will give you access to everything in the menu.

I can add bands and open the context menu just fine in the current version. It’s just that I can’t RMB drag to adjust the Q width. I can use the input dialog for Q width of course (which I did), but it’s a guessing game, since there’s no live feedback as with the RMB dragging.

Ah ok, so its only the live Q changing that doesn’t work.

I will see if i can get something working after the beta is stable/released. At the moment the features are frozen until the next patch or update.

I will keep you updated though :smile:

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